Our ever-popular pies fulfil everyone’s wish list- rich, butter pastry and a range of the finest quality fillings such as  minced beef in a rich, beef and onion gravy , perfectly seasoned of course, and filled to the brim to satisfy the hungriest of customers, or what about our ham and free range egg pie, packed full of mouth watering ham wrapped in a rich, butter pastry. We’re always thinking of new and delicious fillings to tempt our customers, check out what we have on offer when you visit us. 
Our very popular quiche selection are encased with light and crispy butter pastry, filled with delicious, seasonal ingredients combined with free range eggs and fresh cream to create that smooth, rich  filling our customers love. 
We also ensure we have a range of vegetarian quiche to choose from, a particluar favourite is our Mediterranean quiche with roasted vegetables and mature cheddar cheese. 
We believe the bread used in a sandwich is just as important as the filling and  were constantly thinking of new and interesting varieties of sandwiches to tempt out customers with, using different flavours of bread certainly brings out the best in the range of fillings we use. Out rustic multi -grain baguettes are always popular as is the crispy, granary cob bun. Favourite fillings include honey roast ham sprinkled with mature cheddar cheese and spicy salami topped with crisp salad. Our vegetarian range includes mature cheddar, succulent fruit chutney and fresh, crisp salad or mature cheddar, tomato and sliced red onion to add that extra sweetness and bite!